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RedStorm: Distributed Computation in Ruby

On December 11, 2012 I gave a talk at Boston.rb about writing distributed realtime computations in Ruby using Storm by Nathan Marz and RedStorm by Colin Surprenant.

There is a video of the talk on the Boston.rb website, and the slides are posted online.

Basically, Storm provides a framework for building streaming/realtime computations (like log analysis, for example) and distributed RPC for running large adhoc computations on a cluster. RedStorm is a JRuby-based adapter for writing these computations and assembling them into topologies (workflows) in Ruby.

Here are the recommended resources from my talk:

Getting started

Related software tools

  • storm-contrib provides integration with many third-party tools like communicating with queues, service buses, and databases.
  • storm-deploy “makes it dead-simple to deploy Storm clusters on AWS.”
  • storm-mesos provides integration with Apache Mesos for cluster resource management.



Two excellent talks by Storm author Nathan Marz:


  • Big Data is an early access book by Nathan Marz which covers “Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems”

Other ESP/CEP resources

Storm lives in a space that’s often referred to as ESP (“Event Stream Processing”) or CEP (“Complex Event Processing”):