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Backbone.js on Rails Talk

On Tuesday, September 20, I gave a talk at the New Hampshire Ruby Users Group on Backbone.js on Rails. I’ll be giving a very similar talk on Tuesday, October 11 at boston.rb and a version more targeted to front-end developers on Wednesday, October 26 at the Boston Front End Developers meetup

I have posted the Backbone.js on Rails slides online, and the slide source is on my GitHub.

As an aside, I’m using landslide for the slides – I love the resulting HTML and interface, though I’ve heard great things about deck.js.

People found the resources sections useful. Many of the links are buried in the presenter notes, so I’ll repeat them here. There are plenty more online, and I’m sure I’m missing some content. Please link to any of your favorites in the comments, and I’ll add them.


Push synchronization

Get started with Backbone

Further reading: Books on JavaScript

Further reading: Online resources