Jason Morrison

Make stuff.

Hello, Octopress. Hello, Blog.

On writing

I’ve written sporadically here for several years about programming and language theory, synthetic biology, amateur biology, running user groups and barcamps, multitouch and immersive interactions.

I’ve imported my old posts from WordPress into Octopress. That was — oh wait, I was about to write about that experience before I even began. I was going to say how buttercream-frosting-smooth it was, and that’s probably because I have a lot of confidence in exactly that, mostly due to their well-coiffed htmls. Update! Turns out they’re Jekyll migrations instead. Still easy-peasy.

I’ve written more frequently and recently over on the thoughtbot blog, on development-related topics from from little tips to medium-size tips to architecture deep-dives, from product announcements to high-performance bears.

I’ll be traveling extensively over the next year, and will be writing about that, too. But that’s a different post.

On tools

I wrote most of my previous posts in Mephisto, which was kind of janky after a white, and then switched to WordPress, which is totally not Ruby, and more or less means I have to run a VPS and make sure I don’t get chainsawed by spammers. Also, I’m interested in switching to a toolset more near and dear to my heart. Octopress fits the bill.

This also means I can write using vim and git, like a champ.