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New Year Update

Hey folks!  It’s been a while (whew… 6 months?) since my last update here.  Here are a few things I’ve been up to, and what my plans over the next few months are:
  1. Built and delivered awesome web applications with thoughtbot, and will help to roll out a beginning Rails thoughtbot training course later this January.
  2. Attended RailsConf, RubyConf, the Lone Star Ruby Conference, and spoke at Boston.rb on Clearance, a small auth plugin for Ruby web apps.
  3. Started learning more biology in earnest by taking a cell- and micro-bio course at Harvard Extension and working with DIYbio.  While the lecture is a very good one, as lectures go, I preferred the lab to the lecture and, as such, intend to do more hands-on learning in 2009.  A few projects I would like to undertake include:
    1. Working through Shoestring Biotechnology: Budget-Oriented High Quality Biotechnology Laboratories for Two-Year College and High School.
    2. Working on at least one piece of equipment with DIYbio folks, such as Open Gel Box 2.0.
    3. Participating in a DIYbio iGEM team.
If you are interested in keeping tabs on what I’m up to, I’d suggest either my twitter feed or the DIYbio Google Group, as these are my highest-touch interactions these days.